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EmergeNYC Review

EmergeNYC is an application by FlipSwitch Games. EmergeNYC was first published on . It is available on Steam, Other.

*EmergeNYC at this state in Early Access*

Our biggest update to date is now live on all branches! Please read all of this while downloading.

Welcome to Brooklyn, the Borough of Fire. Brownstones, Tenements, Taxpayers, Projects, Private Dwellings, Warehouses. Brooklyn is the opposite of Manhattan’s bustling streets, avenues, and highrises. The Bedford Stuyvesant/Crown Heights areas of Brooklyn are notorious for their volume of working fires each year.

What's New and What's Fixed?

Our main goal this update was to address the two main issues. Bad Performance, and Multiplayer. This update does just that. I was able to find the main components attributing to the lag and redesigned them to work more efficiently. The performance is day and night now for MUCH smoother gameplay. This is the optimization update everyone has been waiting for.

Second, we all know firefighting is not a one man job. It’s a team effort. The ways that we can simulate that in our game is via AI firefighters, or having your friends (or strangers) join you in a Multiplayer lobby to team up and work together. Multiplayer is a completely new and finally enjoyable experience. The lag, unsynchronized mechanics, and game breaking bugs are no more. The game runs as smooth as a single player game and 95% of all mechanics are synced and work as they should. Below you can find a full change log of Update 0.8.3

But first, a Note from Raf:

Firstly I want to thank everyone who plays or has played this game. You guys have given me the opportunity to do what I am passionate about and what I am good at and I live a happy life to be able to wake up excited everyday to bring this vision to life. This is my life’s work and I am extremely proud of it. From the start, the game has received mixed reputations of being a laggy buggy mess, and that's fair. It was. This project has been a learning process for me and I can say confidently that I am much better at my job than I was in the past. Over the last 2 months I have learned so much when it comes to game development. Something in me just took over and my brain turned into a sponge. I learned how to code, I dug into the core of the game to find the main issues that would break the player’s experience. We all know what that is; game breaking bugs, unbearable lag, and a horrible multiplayer experience. But through these years of learning as I go, throwing a hail mary, and hoping for the best, literally dedicating my life to this. So many of you have seen the same vision that I have. Thank you, and I hope that this is the update that can really get the game to where it should be. At this point, I can confidently say that EmergeNYC is, without a doubt, the best Emergency/firefighting game/sim out. There have been many respectable attempts like Notruf 112, “Firefighting Simulator” which hasn’t posted a word since 2017, Into the flames, which is promising but still is years behind. I feel proud and honored to be the individual leading this genre right now.

New Map
A new Brooklyn Based Map
100 New Emergencies
Over a dozen new building interiors
4 Furnished Firehouses based off real life companies
Accurate street signs and one way signs on poles indicate your location
Minimap with one way directions, street names, and box numbers
New Map has functional traffic, and pedestrian traffic
Dynamic ambient noise depending on what area of the map you are in
Added button to spawn all units at once
Ex FDNY Brooklyn Dispatcher voice acting for a lot of emergencies

New Firehouse Interactions
New animations such as sitting at the table, smoking, talking on the phone etc.
Watch youtube videos on the TVs in the firehouses
Firehouses now have ambient zones meaning it will be quiet in the kitchen and apparatus floor
Firehouse alert screens show the active emergency information
Working Exhaust Hoses on Apparatus floor that automatically connect and disconnect

Biggest optimization update to date
Huge increase in performance in Singleplayer AND Multiplayer
Redesigned many game systems from the ground up to perform more efficiently and optimally
Eliminated Lag Spikes
Increased frame rate across all systems

Biggest Multiplayer update
Added VOIP with Global, fireground, and dispatch channels complete with radio sound effects and mic clicks
Readded in game chat
Improved stability
All mechanics are now synced in Multiplayer
Huge Performance improvement
Added ability to help up a downed player firefighter (Will expire after 60 seconds)
Added Mayday Alert Button that will play the Mayday tones to all players
Synced 95% of all mechanics

Graphics & Lighting
New Graphics, Lighting, and Post Processing Effects
Emergency lights now reflect off all surroundings
Added option to have puddles on ground
Added option to have snow on ground

Improved AI Response Times
Increased AI Speed Limit
AI will now wait 15 seconds before turning out of the firehouses or returning to quarters giving the player the chance to hop on the rig in any seat
Improved AI Traffic
Traffic now recognizes and stops for all Player Vehicles
Traffic now pulls to the side when approaching vehicles from the front or rear with horns
Traffic at intersections will stop when sirens and horns are activated
AI Cars will be deleted if hit by a vehicle controlled by another player or by AI or if hitting your truck while you are not in it

New Additions/Mechanics
Added trapped victims that you can rescue to most fires
Fires now play a fire sound effect
Fires now leave burnt decals on burnt surfaces when extinguished
Added new Gas Odor call mechanics
Added new Water Leak call mechanics
Added Fall Damage
Working Exhaust hoses that attach to the trucks and automatically disconnect and reconnect
Class 3 Alarms have a chance of having a fire

Tweaks / Changes
Redesigned UI to be able to spawn and call new units while still in character mode
Increased the character’s running speed
Improved Vehicle Handling
Tweaked Character Health & Fire Damage
MDT Screen has been improved to look more realistic and operates differently
Hit Right Shift to go 10-84 (Onscene)
Emergencies no longer force the MDT to pop up (Listen for tones or MDT Ringing message)
Increased speed of Marauder II front rotator lights
Added Black Hood to Squad 252 Driver
Made some roll down doors take longer to cut
Improved overall stability of hoses

Bug Fixes
Fixed all Siren and horn issues in Multiplayer
Fixed issues connecting to hydrants
Fixed Issues with trying to equip and return multiple items
Fixed issue where multiplayer lobbies would not start sometimes
Fixed issue with horns blaring randomly in Multiplayer
Fixed issue where engines would stop instantly whenever someone enter/exits another vehicle in Multiplayer
Removed glow from Forest fire in Academy always being on
Fixed all issues with Compartments opening on their own or by other players remotely
Fixed AI Siren and Horn Issues
Fixed Missing Light Bars on vehicles
Removed Powercall from FDNY Trucks
Fixed issues with PD Car customizer
Fixed PD Car front right and driver rear wheels being too inward
Fixed an issue where if you are spraying and the hose disconnects you cannot stop spraying
Fixed issues with Engine Deck guns in SP and MP
Fixed not being able to turn off auto siren on Battalions in MP
Removed ability to double jump
Fixed issues in multiplayer where climbing someone else's aerial ladder would cause the truck to fly in the air
Synced Tower Ladder Nozzle Spray
Synced Deck guns

EmergeNYC is based in a fictional open-world recreation of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Upstate NY, and the fire academy with an advanced traffic and pedestrian system.

Rhese open world will contain dozens and dozens of buildings and areas to explore, ranging from stores, residential buildings, parking garages, high-rises with rooftops, subway stations and tunnels and interiors to house a wide variety of emergencies. It will also be beautifully detailed and features a dynamic weather/day & night system.

EmergeNYC does not only go into detail and give players many options on the scene of an emergency, but also when not responding to a call and when en route to an emergency. Players will be able to interact with different environments when not occupied. Firefighters will be spread out across 5 unique firehouses with full interiors and 3 Engine Companies, 3 Ladder Companies, A Squad Company, Rescue Company, and Battalion Chief ready to respond whenever and wherever needed. Police Officers will have a central fictional 14th precinct where players are able to choose and customize police vehicles, equipment, weapons, and their character. EMS workers will have a hospital emergency room to drop off patients, and resupply after a call.


3 / 5

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Author: FlipSwitch Games
Size: 20 GB available space

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